Chile Roasting Tips

1.Be Selective!!! Fresh firm bodied peppers will roast and process much easier.

2. Always wash, dry and apply a thin coat of cooking oil before roasting. The oil will provide a faster and more even roast!!!

3. Roast your peppers over an intense open flame, turning as needed until completely blistered and slightly charred. Gas fired barbecues set to high heat work well for this purpose!Your oven broiler will also work, but it doesn't provide the flame roasted flavor!

4. After completing the roasting process, place your peppers in a covered container and allow to sweat until cool enough to handle, about 15-20 minutes!

5. Sweating your peppers to long will turn the flesh soft and mushy, making processing difficult!

6. Now, remove the skins, seeds and veins quick and easy with the Grip~N~Strip Pepper Prep'er, and enjoy the fresh roasted flavor pepper lovers love!!!


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